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cheers ! :)

- dwi sasetyaningtyas -

January 28, 2012 9:07 am

as I never post anything in my tumblr. (well forgive me), now im telling you that im a bit busy to learn this balinese dance to prepare some kind of dance festival at the end of this february. it’s called “tari belibis”.

this dance depicts a group of “belibis” (wild duck) enjoying its natural surroundings. it was inspired from “Anglingdarma“‘s story. in this story, the king Anglingdarma was transformed into a Belibis duck by his wife. while transformed, he attempted to group with other birds but eventually failed bcause he’s able to speak llike human.

well, it’s 30 days before the festival. i hope everything will be nice.

April 10, 2011 9:36 pm

Graduation Festival!

Graduation Festival! that’s a festival held by ITB mass 3 times a year. 

It’s on April, July, and October.

I think the purpose of this festival is nothing but to celebrate graduate students and spread some happiness for undergraduate students like me :)

This time, my chemical engineering batch had a chance to make a great graduation, the theme was about fairy tale.

It was a loooottt of fun !!!!!

we did a kingdom dance with dresses. dressed up like princessess and princes.

THIS IS ME! wearing a snow white costume.

to be honest, I was so excited with April Graduation festival. This is one of my obsession : wearing a princess dress and dancing a waltz dance with a prince ! :D

cheers !